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This option covers day to day care and may also suit someone looking to put their horse into retirement livery


  • Muck out.

  • 1 bale of shavings a week.

  • Daily shared turnout with boots if required and appropriate rug.

  • Basic hard feed. Special diets can be arranged. (Supplements to be provided by owner)

  • Hay or haylage.​ 

  • Winter daytime hay.

  • Brushing off and feet picked out.

  • Use of all facilities


 Horses are turned out in the morning after breakfast and brought in late afternoon, time depending on the time of year. Feet are  picked out and legs hosed if needed. Horses are  brushed  off and turnout rugs changed for evening rugs.

 In the summer horses can be brought in during the day to avoid the flies and turned out at night.


 Evening yards are carried out every night and include, skipping out, water refresh and hay nets if required. This also allows  us to check the horses are well.


  £20.50 a day








This is an adaptable livery and can be varied on a day to day basis to suit the


e.g horse is on part livery Monday to Friday while owner is at work and

on assisted diy at the weekends.









  • Stable

  • Grazing in shared field

  • Turn out or bring in unless other arrangements have been agreed  (includes picking out feet, boots and rugs if required)

  • Basic hard feed and feeding (owner to provide any supplements)

  • Hay or haylage 

  • winter daytime hay

  • 1 bale of shavings a week

  • Shared tackroom

  • Use of Arena and jumps

  • Use of rug room

  • Evening check (includes skip out, water refill and any extra nets hanging if required)



    £14.50 a day



Owner responsibilities


  • Daily muck out, and groom

  • Exercising and tack cleaning.



  Extras, if required - 

​   Shavings - dependent on current price

   muck out - £6 a day (£10 on Bank Holidays) 

   Brush off - £4 a day



  Any extras for either livery option will be

   billed to the following month.









Assisted Part Livery.

Assisted DIY Livery.

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